28 March 2009

two wheels good, four wheels bad

With my usual deft display of indecision, I finally bought a bike. Not a mountain bike as originally planned. Original plans got dusted a couple of weekends ago when I tried D’s road bike and discovered that I am a speed freak. Oh. My. This must be what surfing feels like. Except on water. Yeeeeeee-haaaaaaa!

So, realising that I still needed a bike for commuting, I sprang for the Trek 7.3FX, which flies along like a road bike but has the hardiness to handle Brisbane’s pot-holed streets. And importantly, is not white. Ironically, I'd taken this bike for a test ride a while ago and liked it, but had MTB on the brain. I got some basic stuff (pump, lights, water bottle cage, lock) but have since realised I won’t get far in my commute quest without a rack and pannier. And tools. The wisdom of getting toe clips or cleats has also been pointed out to me and I suspect I’ll soon be hearing about the virtues of gel pants, special shoes and assorted lycra wardrobery.

Yesterday, after an afternoon river loop ride with lunch at the Japanese Garden at Mt Coot-tha (and a quick dash and grab through the herbarium – I blame my mother for my botanical banditry) I rode to the supermarket. On the way home, I passed the Critical Mass riders – bike enthusiasts who ride every month in a kind of ‘reclaim the roads’ demonstration of pedal power. They spied my white flashing light and binged their bells at me in a kind of mating ritual, saying “join us, join us!” … I smiled and continued on home to fridge my dairy, slightly suspicious of their hippy bike-love happiness.

I have entered the cult of bike...


N said...

Nice ! Very happy to read in the TrekBikes blurb "familiar, upright riding geometry" - much betterer than the alternatives.


the cook said...

Mmm... the alternatives (unusual? recumbent?) don't hold much appeal!! Though did you see that doco about the Aussie guys who toured Russia on recumbents?! Stop giving me ideas! ;)

Muv-ver said...

Ha ha - glad you've joined the ranks of "those who want to share the good plants and flowers around" - so much nicer than "botanical banditry" eh?

And I see you have a lov-er-lee bike now sans mudguards...ooh-er! Will your name be "wet-and-muddy- bum" come winter?
Please no more mentions of your speed (worry-warts still abound in Bingi!)

the cook said...

Did I say speed? Oh. I lied. In future I'll post parental warnings... www: worry wart warning?

Muddies can be added if and when the streets ever get that wet to bother!

samia Goudie said...

looks good and yes I got one that gives me speed as well but maybe not as slick I have hybrid tyers thinner than MB , but not as thin as roadies ... so yes please , come over for a bike ride here I need the fun of someone else for a longer advanture than my usual to the gym or pool ride... too far and dangerous to work from here... oh u lucky west ender,..,.,

the cook said...

Samia... am def keen for ride. There is a river loop near you, though am a bit rusty on directions after doing it only once. Will be in touch to plan a pedal!