16 February 2014


Footpath philosopher

My favourite shots this year. (Nope, couldn't choose.)

A morning I want to remember, just him and me.

Having a serious conversation with me over a 'big boy' cino and marshmallows at our local. Afterwards we went train watching, followed by a visit to his baby cousin.

He is becoming quite the conversationalist, engaging in long phone calls with his Dad:

'Oh that's exciting! And what did you do next Dad?'

He tickles me with his language, the way he beams and says 'No pleasure!' when thanked, mixing up 'no worries' and 'my pleasure'. 

Joining in with Jodi.


Anonymous said...

Unusual photos, not your usual smiley ones, but nice. And good to see that despite the tiredness and pain you are suffering that you manage to record some of the good times too.

And tell me please, what other Mr Men books does he have apart from Mr Tickle? We'd love to buy him some of those - for old times' sake!

Female Relic said...

Well I didn't tick the anonymous box! Should be the relic or whatever!

littleearthstories said...

Female Relic... I do love the expression in these shots. The book belongs to the cafe, we don't have any Mr Men books. :-)