16 March 2014


Ellery: back in his island habitat
Aubrey: snoozing in the hammock

The week we arrived back to our island home. 

The big boy has been floating all week. He really, really missed this place.

And my first day flying solo with two! High-fives to me after it went much better than I expected. The big boy and I did a spot of baking, some painting, read lots of books (he is loving the Enchanted Wood on CD, and I have been teaching him to turn the pages when I read to him) and went for an afternoon walk. I managed to keep everyone fed (I organised his snacks the night before to avoid any hunger-fuelled tantrums). And happy (witching hour doesn't count, right?). And during our TV ban, no less. Yes, I am crazy! Nevertheless. Win!

Wish me luck for the days (and nights) ahead.


dear olive said...

Such beautiful kids. And it sounds like you're coping wonderfully! And looking at that squishy little newborn face is making me even more clucky for my own baby to be born! Kellie xx

mel @ loved handmade said...

stunning pictures of your beautiful boys, there's no place like home x

Imogen Eve said...

Wow. Super mum! I have never ever managed to enforce a tv ban, so I admire anyone who does.

Beautiful photos of beautiful boys.