27 March 2014

the newborn daze

It’s amazing how different the newborn days have been this time around.

In the afterglow of his birth, I was surprised to find myself riding a natural love high. With butterflies! I may have even reconsidered putting my foot down at two! Temporarily. Awful to admit, but I never had that high with Ellery. Kind of understandable, I guess.

It's been so wonderful just sitting and enjoying this time. Inhaling his milky goodness. The snuffles and squeaks, the jellybean toes, the poo faces. His lagoon-deep eyes. Dark hair, blonde eyebrows. I'd totally forgotten how even the poo smells sweet!!

Giving myself over to an immense love, such an easy transition from his beautiful birth.

Breastfeeding - which last time went the shape of pears - has so far bettered my experience with E. We were lucky to have a severe tongue and lip tie diagnosed early, at three days old, and corrected on day five. I resolved from the start to commit myself to nothing other than feeding him. Lucky, because that is what he is demanding! It is literally almost non-stop.

Again, I've done all the textbook stuff. Had visits and wonderful hands-on help from a lactation consultant. And so far we've done pretty well, with just very minor formula top ups, which have needed to grow a little in the last week or soI have read that milk intake levels off at around a month, so my theory is that he is getting almost enough from me, though it is requiring him to feed pretty much all. the. time.

That he is gaining weight practically just from me is nothing short of incredible! To me, anyway.

Also, I have just started using a supplemental nursing system - which didn't work with Ellery - and it is, surprisingly, working really well for us. I'm not sure how practical it will be to continue this non-stop feeding with a busy soon-to-be three-year-old tearing the house apart. I'm sure I'll work out the balance, but it demolished our sanity the first few days of me flying solo while K was at work.

Did I mention incredible? :-)

On the whole, I am faring really well. The nights are becoming more manageable; I can subsist on three or four hours of broken sleep, supplementing myself with caffeine! K has been nothing short of a one-man show, taking care of E and doing the lion's share of the house stuff. Our dance between two homes continues, but it's been a much softer landing than when E was born. And our au pair's return from two weeks' shore leave has eased our days. 

And the time is flying. He is changing before my eyes. As is the big boy, who has proved the greatest challenge to us possibly ever, since his brother's birth. 

And that is five weeks. All too quickly gone.


Imogen Eve said...

Those first couple months of breastfeeding are so demanding, I'd forgotten already, but your descriptions took me straight back. Aubrey looks like such a happy, satisfied little guy. Wishing you and your boys all the best, take it as easily as you can. x

dear olive said...

Sounds like five beautiful, challenging weeks .... you're an absolute marvel! I always think Mums who persist breastfeeding in the face of obstacles are SO WONDERFUL. And that is you. Well done! Kellie xx
PS And that boy of yours is divine ... looking at his photo makes me so so so impatient to meet my own little bundle of newborn squishiness!)