11 May 2014


Ellery: rare moment of stillness
Aubrey: my little delight

The big boy gave himself a black eye doing craft. He is so very accident prone lately, especially as his play has become so much more physical.

And oh, my little heartbreaker. He is all giggles and smiles. (And worried faces when his brother loves on him. Like a tornado.) 

At the moment I much prefer the photos I'm capturing on my phone. The quality is far from portrait worthy, but I'm going with them because they capture the spirit of these most beautiful boys.


..Sew Lottie Da.. said...

Beautiful! Happy Mothers Day! x

Sally said...

Gorgeous captures. Wonderful spirit indeed.

I oft find my cherubs get clumsy as they go through growth spurts - it is as if their brains haven't accounted for their longer limbs.

Lori Taylor Arnold said...

Oh my those dimples! x