08 May 2014

taking stock

Because I have a thousand things I want to write about, yet write about none. Because I seem to only post photos of my kids these days. Because I like lists, and have a spare five minutes. (Actually that's not true, I'm procrastinating.) And well, just because. Here is Pip's list...

Making: papier mache moneyboxes, and a small boy beanie, and a blanket
Cooking: dahls and soups because Autumn is finally here, hooray!
Drinking: lots of herbal tea
Reading: blogs
Wanting: new ugg boots, one of these bespoke cardies (fat chance!), and an end to the chaos and clutter. 
Also, a new computer; I am done sharing! (And ashamed that 'wanting' is my longest answer.)
Looking: at my gorgeous smallest one sleeping
Playing: whatever imaginary game the big boy dreams up
Wasting: time on my phone
Sewing: thinking about how I'll sew knitted squares together to finish the small boy's baby blanket
Wishing: we weren't broke
Enjoying: the cooler weather
Waiting: for a cup of tea
Liking: the coffee buzz
Wondering: if I will ever fit into my pre-baby jeans
Loving: wearing the small boy in the Hugabub
Hoping: for an adult conversation with K
that my small boy sleeps! I know it won't always be this easy.
Needing: to get our big boy into swimming lessons. And more exercise for me.
Smelling: the fish stock in the slow cooker
Wearing: my grandpa cardie and leggings (oh no, I've become one of those people that wear leggings because my jeans don't fit!!)
Following: some inspiring Instagrammers
Noticing: how much we have aged since having kids!!
Knowing: that time is evaporating before my eyes
Thinking: about what we'll do on our holidays in August, and hoping it involves our first ever family holiday (that is, a getaway that is just for us)
Feeling: a little overwhelmed by all the things, especially the parenting things
Bookmarking: kid play ideas
Opening: Lightroom to edit photos
Giggling: at 
my big boy's funny sayings.

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female relic said...

I was going to say....don't be ashamed of wanting - or having long answers there - and I was going to say, look at your bank account. But then I looked at the link....and it says....SOLD OUT!!
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