08 February 2015


Ellery: dancing
Aubrey: flying

On a blustery day, Ellery wrote his name for the first time, tracing over my writing. Together, we wrote a letter to 'Magic', telling Magic that he'd like to fly. He had his first flying dream recently ... and magic made it happen.

On the same day, he also drew his first face. And we started reading him his first chapter book, George's Marvelous Medicine. He is in its thrall, begging for more each time we put it down. Suddenly so ready.

Aubrey is pulling himself up to standing on everything now. He is super mobile, after a few weeks of crawling practice. He loves to point and say 'dere!' and especially likes watching birds. Grandma will be pleased. Almost as much as Pop, who scored kisses over the phone. I can't believe he is almost one!

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