19 February 2015


To our cuddly, doe-eyed, double-dimpled little fellow.

You are a happy, independent soul. You bop along to music (your arm-flapping dance moves have given way to whole body grooves) and love pointing at everything and saying 'dere!'. You love a good game of peekaboo, and hiding things under the couch. A lover of water, you're also partial to peering out windows and watching birds. You have, hands down, the best little dinosaur roar. In fact, you roar when presented with any animal: monkeys, chickens, giraffes, frogs, whales. It is unbearably cute.

Over the past couple of months you've become quite mobile, playing crawling chasey with Ellery, pulling yourself up on everything, climbing onto low furniture, and starting to walk with exaggerated sticky-footed steps, with hands held. You insist on feeding yourself and most love banana, rice, peas, corn and yoghurt. You have four teeth (more on the way) and SO. MUCH. HAIR!

For your birthday, Ellery and I made you a vanilla and coconut spelt cake with lime icing whilst you put up with sitting in your highchair, playing with a dinosaur and munching on rice rusks. (You liked the icing but piffed the rest on the floor!)

Your special day was lovely. I didn't have to work, so the three of us hung out together at home, and had cake when Daddy got home.

You are the light in our lives, sweet Aubrey Finn.

Forever and ever adored.

Happy One!

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female relic said...

A late happy birthday (via this medium) to our dear little Aubrey. Sorry Sam, have not been getting posts automatically from this site, will have to check why.