12 September 2007

bug-eyed in Cairns

Well Cairns is hot and humid, and very, um, Cairns-like. We arrived late on Monday afternoon, greeted by a welcome party of skip's friends offering beers and bubbles (the best kind of welcome party, I say). Not that I knew a single one of them, but like the time on the ferry to Tassie, that didn’t stop me waving madly and chasing streamers (or in this case enjoying offered hospitality).

Am a bit bug-eyed this morning. Realised at 1.30am after about six hours online that I was maybe experiencing web withdrawals after a week at sea. Marinas aren’t known to be quiet places, and accordingly I was woken after not nearly enough sleep by ship horns and choppers and the new neighbours in their towering ‘see how manly I am in my very big boat' boat. The blessed thing is also unlawfully shiny and temporarily blinded me in the morning sun, when I gave in and got up.

Yesterday skip handed me the company card: “Take this and get whatever you want to eat for the week. Don’t spend any of your own money from now on.” OK, can do. The Girl Who Has Renounced Shopping felt a little overwhelmed. And a lot giddy. I might’ve looked in a horribly overpriced shop on the way to the supermarket. But only looked. Before fleeing, violently repulsed.

Today skip will bring me wheels (of the treadly kind) so I will be mobile. Gotta love that skip. Also, there’s a few boats here I’d like to check out (since have been glued to laptop til now), including the Duyfken which I missed in Brissie, and Athena, a luxury three-masted schooner (pretentious and ugly but strangely compelling, just like Paris).

Tonight am catching up with friend Fee who I worked in Yarrabah with. She grew up on a boat and now spends half her time in Wujal Wujal which is right near Hopevale, so she’s going to give me the lay of the land.

Have uploaded some pics from the trip to Flickr – see over there, on your right. Also have a spangly new header which I think has come up alright.

Anyway, best be off since I’m quickly becoming known as She Who Spends Sunny Days Below Deck.

Love to Ren and family – wish I was there. x

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Mum said...

Your 'other mum' Alison has asked me to thank you for the better readability of your blog. Even I find it easier for the old eye.