20 September 2007

three things...

Just a quick note to let you know:

1. Have just posted a couple of comments but am sorry I can't reply to all (gee I sound almost famous) as am v short for time. Am about to go do the humungous provisioning shop at the stupidmarket, before rustling up a seafood bbq dinner for seven and doing last personal laundry for three weeks (OMG I didn't bring enough underwear)...

2. We leave the zoo - I mean Cairns marina - early tomorrow morning, after an 11th hour swat team hits the farmers markets for our fresh produce. I suspect it's going to be action stations for me for the next 19 days, so if I'm a little quiet, it's because I'm cooking for a crew of between five and eight which may extend to lunches and tea-breaks for half the Hopevale community, cleaning out the bilges, helping the deckies, collapsing in a quiet corner somewhere, etc.

3. Will be back in Cairns on 8 October and with any luck, will be back in communication then.

Thanks for all your well wishes, provisioning tips and editorial support.


1 comment:

Mum said...

Well my lovely, in case we don't get you on the phone tonight - and if you find the time somewhere to take a peek at our comms, go get 'em girl ! Do your best, enjoy, stay safe. We love and support you all the way. Dad & Mum