03 September 2007

off with the birds (or one large pelican)

Welcome to the shiny new, just unwrapped blog thing.

After many years stewing inside beauracracies, I've been granted a 12-month pardon to go whet my wanderlust. Woohoo! Life AD (after desk) officially starts at 1100 today when I leave my life in Brisbane to join Pelican - a 63-foot research catamaran in the Polynesian style - to sail to Hopevale, near Cooktown. There we’ll take a group of kids up to their traditional lands at Cape Melville. I'll get a free sail up to Cairns, where my job as cook (hehe!) actually starts. Hopefully I'll find my sealegs quick!

Anyway, gotta busta move so I can shove the last dregs of my material life into boxes before imminent departure. You can see I'm super organised by the hasty establishment of this blog site. More soon, including a bit of background about moi and how I lucked upon this job...


Jodles said...

Sam, I'm so excited for you and really looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Please use lots of big words, so I can not only learn about what you're doing but make it an education experience too. Perhaps I can then justify why I am reading your blog at work, during paid time (!) Take care my friend/cousin. Go forth and cook up a storm.. well, not literally.
PS - haven't locked the keys in the car yet, so all is well.

poppa said...

You know who.

Steve said...

Can't quite belive what you are up to! YOU GO GIRL. Probably wont recognise you next time I see you. You'll be every bit the wild, woolly and right proper "Ol' Sea Biscuit" Look forward to checking out the blog occasionally (not that good with the "I/net" - look how long its taken for this first effort) Stay safe and have a fantastic time (as if you were going to forget to do that?) Steve and Val

madonna said...

Sam!... Its M. incase you were wondering. (madonna) good to hear your off and sailing! missing the weather up there,but love being home just thought id keep you updated, as me. hope everything is good and safe and healthy!
Love....M! :)

the cook said...

Sorry, it's taken me a while to catch up with blog etiquette concerning comments/replys.

Jodes - since you asked, I will exercise verbal funambulism (eg, use lots of big words) and try to include some educational-type nautical content. Am glad to hear the car is still accessible!

You know who - I'm not Telstra's voice recognition technology, you can't baffle me that easily.

Steve and Val - thanks for being the cheer squad. See how long it took me to reply?

M - great to hear from you and thanks for the good tidings! Glad things are going well at home. You didn't miss anything in Bris-vegas over winter, 'twas chilly. How's that gee-tar and pee-ano going? I don't have your email address for a proper catch up... can you send it to me?