07 April 2013


Post-swim, post-pelican-chasing, dreamy sea-gazing
We arrived home this morning after three days in the city for our monthly provisioning / appointment-ing / working-from-office / car servicing / playing with Nana / playground-ing, this time with a small friend. It is always lots of must-dos packed into the tightest possible timeframe, albeit cushioned with coffee from the real world. It exhausts us. And takes most of our weekend.

So after the big unpacking, this afternoon we headed to the beach. The only time I had my camera out all week. The weather is definitely cooling now, but the boys still swam. We had a particularly blissful afternoon. The sea was gentle and dreamy. A pelican waddled over to us, quite close. Ellery ran at it, exclaiming "pat, pat, cuddle, cuddle"! And we discovered a small shelter, made from driftwood and seagrass, the perfect beach cubby. 

The boy still grows in leaps and bounds. New: his first four molars (with a fever to boot), and now the canines. Counting to ten in French. Running. Like a gangly giraffe, but running. And singing! 

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.  

As soon as I find the time, I will post some out-takes. As much as I love that this project is helping me to capture a few better-than-my-usual shots each week, I am finding it increasingly difficult to choose just one, and leave behind other moments which tell an equally important story of this sweet boy's life!


Mammasaurus said...

I love photos like this where the child is just gazing out, I'd love to know what was being thought of right then!x

Laura said...

Beautiful. A really dreamy shot, I love the colours here.