29 April 2013


These two.

It looks like he is being admonished, but they have just separated from a kiss.

I was not at all enamoured of any of the (decidedly few) shots I took this week, and am growing desperately frustrated with my camera woes. Not to mention the internet woes which have prevented me from working towards a fix for my camera woes. I wasn't going to post this - too blurry. But a quick drag of my heels fumble around Lightroom may have just saved the day. Let's call it dreamy?

Charlie Brown from out of town - one of our many names for him - turned 21 months over the weekend. This is where I would usually say 'that means 19 months', but I feel we're done with the two-months-behind thing. He is 21-months-going-on-seven, talks like a three-year old (or more?) and has suddenly discovered his imagination. The day I took this, he told me he saw a hippopotamus outside our window.

It has been a hard few days with him. We have both been moody. He is bursting at the seams for independence, and has been on a hair trigger. 

I have tried to be zen about many things. 

Oddly enough, my zen runs inverse to requirements. The more serious the situation, the more levity I command. The fishing sinker he wouldn't release from his mouth? The floury asbestos in his paw and the military game of persuasion to get him to wash his hands?


Instead I lose it watching our precious rainwater gushing down the sink, and our hard-won food plants being torn to shreds.

I am on a learning curve too.


Yellow Finch said...

very dreamy! i think the imperfect photos can hold the most memories.

MJ R. Donis said...

I can definitely relate! I never think my blurry or imperfect photos can look good, but when I see others' I think they are just the right touch of artsy and evocative! Sending you some link love this week!

Katrina@capturingmomentss said...

It is very dreamy and I love it. It is warm and magical.
So glad I have found your lovely blog.
Xx Katrina


Katrina@capturingmomentss said...

P.S. It will be listed on my blog as one of my favourites for the week. x