21 April 2013


Sunset light on an uncharacteristically slow weekend for us.

We spent a long, leisurely weekend.  In between visits to the beach, we pottered at home and in the garden. The weather has been divine: warm days, gentle breezes, cool nights. 

Usually we'd be spending most of our weekends travelling to the city (six hours one way) and rushing from appointment to supermarket to wholefoods store to here, there, and everywhere else in between. And home again, whereupon we launch into The Great Unpacking. 

This fortnight we stayed home. It means a month-long stretch on our little corner of island paradise. A drive to the boat for a fruit and veg delivery. And a weekend of rest and domesticity. Just what I've been craving. I really want to simplify this life remote. I think this alternate fortnight at home thing provides the perfect balance.

This week's portrait was taken on the sandblow behind our house. Before he took charge of Daddy's 'cwam-ewa'. He is really into the whole camera thing. Little child of ours. I am really starting to see us both in him. In his looks, interests and personality.

And yes, his fringe is growing long! Little windswept beach boy. The weeks and days to two are becoming few!


dear olive said...

Really lovely. Kellie xx

Preeti Dubey said...

Loved the way light is captured on the beautiful face.

beth said...

*love* your photos of him as he evolves...such a great project!

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Just beautiful! SO lovely to have stumbled across your little slice of the online world. Looking forward to following your journey. Hope your week is grand :) x

little earth stories said...

Thanks Kellie.

Preeti - I'd been wanting to capture a sunset portrait, so glad I did.

Thanks Beth - I hesitated about committing but glad I did. :-)

Steph - thank you, that means a lot coming from someone whose blog I admire very much! Have a great week too x

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

So lovely to find you here as well.