01 June 2014


Ellery: 2000 kilometres from home and still in his natural habitat
Aubrey: babe in arms (and wool)

My house is a fantastic mess. 

We arrived home last night after a whole day's travel back from the Grands' place in the Gippsland hills.

A beautiful week of family and pottering in the country. And the chance at last to introduce the Grands to "the little fellow who doesn't drive and doesn't sit up yet", as described by his big brother.

It will take us another day to return to the island and unpack our monthly groceries.

This next week begins a new chapter, as we bid farewell to our au pair and welcome winter. I am more than a little daunted by the task of wrangling the big kid (who I am having the hardest time with lately, but that's another post) and the house on my own.

Mustering deep breaths and positivity ...


This week's portraits taken at Whisky Bay and Port Albert.

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