10 June 2014


Ellery: the smoothie kid
Aubrey: so much cute

The big boy is morphing from a two-nager into a three-nager, and don't we know it.

The small boy is all finger sucking, dribbling and hand discovering. The gurgling, laughing and cooing make me ponder: could this be the perfect age? So much cute, and before teething, separation anxiety and mobility milestones kick in.

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Female Relic said...

134Sorry Sam, I have just realised that when an email comes in saying you've posted on l.e.s., that I read it as an email, show the other half and then delete it. I don't go online to look at it, therefore I have not been commenting.
You must think us rude!
I'm remedying that now....the photos of the two boys are fabulous as usual, you certainly have a way with that camera. Please keep on for the whole 52. And keep on inventing those words ...two-nager...just love it. :)