05 June 2008

gfr and regional identifiers

Have returned from seafaring to discover a new resident at Bingi. Its doors are usually pretty well oiled by visitors – one even slept in ‘my’ bed while I sailed.
[Note subtle inference that bed is not actually mine, as I have been reminded on occasion, but for visitors, and I am merely squatting.]

Anyway... accustomed to visitors and all. But I didn’t expect to return to the likes of…

Note bullet holes. Indeed. GfR is the blackbird assassin’s new pin-up boy… for target practice! I laughed so hard I had to scrape myself off the floor.

Today I opened the local paper (I know, what kind of heathen am I becoming?) to discover that I might almost be considered a Yarramite. Almost. I'll stand up for being a Melburnian, a Victorian, former Brisbanite, even a Bingin-warrior... but I can't swallow this one.
Thank god for the thirty-odd kilometres between us and Yarram, which keeps me from being classed as imitation breakfast spread.

Oh, have also been asked to post a retraction to the egg defacing practice.
It is not, as reported, an aid to right-way-up stowage, but is rather a canny device for identifying the older eggs in the basket. Which, naturally, elevates the practice into the realm of ordinary, reasonable behaviour for a sexagenarian. Yip. Watch this space for a retraction regarding age brackets.

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