17 June 2008


I am writing this post, with not undue glee, from the warmth of my bed!

Which is in a completely different room to the modem!


The household recently acquired a wireless router and today, in a rare feat involving the weakling part of my brain devoted to computers (‘devoted’ being perhaps a tad excessive), I managed to install the beast and get it champing.

Haha! Again!

Meaning I can once again use my laptop without constantly shuffling between it and the household ‘mothership’ computer which has the sole internet connection. ‘Tis also the end of timeshare arrangements!

Our impending transition to the wifi world had been delayed due to bugs in the ‘mothership’, which after much hair-pulling and time-wasting I surrended to the local tech guy. We picked it up yesterday. After a total system detox, it's looking good. So good that I attempted the seemingly (for me) impossible.

Did I expect applause? I might’ve, considering the blunder-in-the-dark methodology I apply to any technological challenge. But the household merely pouted about the new look and feel of the computer stripped back to its original self.

I give it a day or two, til they discover that emails can be checked whilst perched over the heater. Or for that matter, from bed.

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