12 June 2008


suggestible (sah-JEST-abul) adj: Open to suggestion, esp hypnotic

It’s one of my finest-honed weaknesses. For those who may not know me so well – despite the general dearth of non-spam comments around the traps, earth stories has lurkers(!), bless their bashful cotton socks – I am one of those people who is easily led. And for some reason, all roads seem to lead to all-night orgies of indulgence and inevitable regret.

We’ve had visitors at Bingi for the past couple of days. Mighty fine ones too. They came brandishing such calibre of reds and cheeses from the Koonwarra provedore, that, well, it would have been downright rude not to reciprocate with some proper knees-up action. Both nights.

I didn’t claw out of bed til 9 this morning and then required ‘some time’ for my head to stop beating.

And I’ve been trying so hard to keep a normal working week.

Then of course the laptop bugs came out to play (again) and the rest of the day/week/attempt to sustain life beyond desk, etc went up in a poof of expletives and simmering growliness.

Etiquette and tech challenges aside, even the status quo poses continual thrusts and parries re my suggestibility. I’m secretly toying with re-naming the parental abode. I think ‘bar relic’ is very laneway/rooftop… I also like 'bar bingi' but don't think it will quite fly with the Liquor Licensing Commission.

Perhaps I can claim to be simply enjoying a very Mediterranean diet. I’m sure Michael Pollan would approve.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, yes you have lurkers - one breaking out to say it's all a fun read so we keep coming back. :-)

the cook said...

Hi anon! Must say I'm quite chuffed to have a late night lurker! (or should that be lurkers... though I think you mean 'we' in the sense of a disparate band of lurkers?!) Anyway, thanks for saying hello!