04 August 2013


Concentration: looking at his reflection in my sunglasses

We've had a quiet, blissful week.

Blue winter skies, sunshine, first wattle blooms.

Beachy mornings, lagoon splashing, rock-hopping. Our first outing in *what feels like* a long while, as we've avoided car travel to keep the daytime nap at bay.

With our nights now free for badly-needed us time, I feel like I am doing a much better job during the day. 

We've made fizzy paint, planted marigolds, played matching and memory games, made moon phase cards, drawn hand tracings, taken walks, had picnics in the garden, rearranged our stepping stones, and so much more.

I am enjoying him more than ever. And it is quite possible that he just continues to get cuter.

I am loving this new groove. My heart is full.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.


Mietta said...

It's so lovely to hear your happiness, Sam, and all of your adventures sound so wonderful. And what a divine photo - my favourite of yours so far! He really is a gorgeous gorgeous boy, your Ellery!!

dear olive said...

I love this photo! And I'm so happy to hear things are so lovely behind it, too. Kellie xx

Female Relic said...

May one ask what FIZZY PAINT is please? The mind boggles.
Also ~ the thought occurred to me that a photo of the boy sleeping would be noice!!

Bron said...

sounds like you are truly enjoying this little person lots. xxx