11 August 2013


Sunset in his hair and eyes,
Licking sand from his hands

You look worldly beyond your two years.

Your laugh has changed in the past couple of weeks. You sound more like an older boy.

The weekend you turned two, you asked me to take off your amber necklace, and you haven't worn it since. I'm keeping it for the last set of molars to come.

And this is how it goes, time.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.


little beds said...

There is something very wise behind those blue eyes. A lovely portrait, and lovely words, too.Holly.x

Female Relic said...

134That's almost as sad or as dramatic as cutting his hair! :(

Bec said...

So beautiful!

Angels have Red Hair said...

He has beautiful eyes ... but licking off sand ... eeww ... crunchy ;0)

Jennifer said...

This photo is so beautiful, such a handsome little boy you have! Happy belated birthday to him x

Sarah C. said...

he is such a beautiful little boy, full of life... linking back to this in my favorite portraits this week!