07 August 2013

Happy two!

To my two-year-old who loves steam trains and singing and Jemima. 

We visited the zoo for your birthday. You loved the baboons with the red bums the best. 

We had a small party with your Nana and James and Uncle Ryan and Aunty Kristina. You blew out the candle on your chocolate spelt cake, pawed at the strawberries and cream on top before the cake was sliced, and promptly returned to the popcorn bowl.

You are sweet and funny and smart and incredibly adorable. Your imagination has sprouted wings.

You love music and have a growing repertoire of songs you sing. Your favourite song is Kumbaya - though we change the words to 'my boy' - and you can recognise 'Sawah Bwasko' at the drop of a hat.

Lately you love dinosaurs, especially Trachadon, "because it sounds like 'tractor'".

You get excited about tamari rice (you inherited your love of white rice from me) and olives and watermelon. And you just love to smell *everything* in the kitchen. 

But you still eat chalk. And playdough. And crayons. And paint. Luckily we have stuck with completely botanical paints!

You are starting to crave a bit more space and will sometimes tell me to "go back to the kitchen, Mama".

You have a newfound confidence to explore your world, marching forth without a care. You examine everything like a little scientist. 

Though you are frightened by big waves, the sound of the wind, blenders (memo to PlaySchool: please quit the blender desensitization program), and rambunctious kids in the city.

You've started using your trike and Wheely bee, but you're now a bit too big for them!

You accidentally started the tractor at Daddy's work recently, while he was off washing our car. *See me turn white here*.

Your new thing is memory games and you're completely enthralled.

You can count to twelve, in English and in French. I don't think there's ever been a word you haven't been able to repeat.

You can recognise the peregrine falcons and the curlews by their calls, know your sheoak from your banksia, and are a dab hand at naming the herbs in the garden.

Your favourite books at the moment are Waddle Giggle Gargle, Amazing Airplanes, The Terrible Plop, Dogger, Where the Wild Things Are and Each Peach Pear Plum.

You still call yourself 'Ewewy', and it is unbearably cute. Every. Time.

As are the reverent looks you give the Jemima doll you got for your birthday.

And, checking for new bandicoot holes, "Bandicoots have been digging! With shovels!"

Or, leading me to the change table, "Is Mama coming? Lego Man said!"

And declaring your testes to be your udder. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

And when you'd like some milk, you ask "Did you like some milk?"

We hope you love two just as much as we love you!


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Jane George said...

happy 2 gorgeous! xxxx