03 August 2013


Not terribly long after my small whine, we had a watershed.

The boy dropped his day sleeps, just shy of turning two. Not decisively, but we encouraged it, and it has stuck. 

And we are now relishing a new, blissful routine. Our days - and nights - are vastly improved. For all of us. Our days are smooth, save the late afternoon melts. His mood is up. Our nights are *gasp* easy. He reliably goes to bed - and to sleep! - around 6pm, when he is so exhausted he asks for bed. And sleeps around TWELVE HOURS!* Last night it was THIRTEEN and a HALF!! People of the world!! 

I never in a billion years thought we would get here, not even close.

I am hesitant to type this, but our collective jubilation overfloweth. We have our nights back - huzzah!

I also feel apologetic as I type this, as I know some very lovely people in the bloggerhood are also struggling through horrible sleep woes, while I brag about my winnings.

I also realise that this could all change with the wind. 

In the meantime, we just hope and hope and hope that this new thing sticks, and relish the now.

I think we've earned it.


*Not unabridged. There are still around three night-time stirrings / wake-ups, but this is small-fry in our world.


Rebecca Alexis said...

this is so so awesome! and very well deserved! xo

beth said...

Oh Sam, I am KNOWING THAT JOY!! It seems neverneverending... Two was the magic time for Z, and just recently DB has started reacting agreeably to an audiobook at night. I am so happy for you and I know it feels completely revelatory... Sometimes I can't believe I made it through without absolutely losing my mind. Hooray for you guys! Kick back!